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Red Steel 2 – More Details

Red Steel 2 – More Details

by Steve CullumMay 4, 2009


  • Cannot cheat the game
  • Can’t just sit down, waggle Wiimote with short/sharp motions
  • When you quickly waggle the Wiimote, that will translate to a quick slice in-game
  • Need to actually try to deal out big damage
  • Sword also used for defense (thus better than a gun during combat)
  • There will be instances where you will have to deal with multiple enemies
  • Still use B button + pointer to shoot
  • Reconfirmed that you can pull off sword + gun combos
  • Passing through near-future desert town (Aldera)
  • Architect is a mix of East and West
  • Hero is mysterious at the beginning
  • Hero is a take on Clint Eastwood character in the Dollars movies
  • Nameless, faceless, friendless at the start
  • Pretty powerful from the beginning of the game
  • There will be plenty of variety in missions
  • Need greater thought/skill against bosses
  • Objectives connected to the hero
  • Different levels of blocking as you progress

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