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You Rock Guitar – Debuts at E3

You Rock Guitar – Debuts at E3

by Steve CullumMay 6, 2009

Inspired Instruments, Inc. will debut its all-digital-guitar the ‘You Rock Guitar’ at E3. The You Rock Guitar’s patented technology answers the call of the millions of music gamers waiting for the next big thing by bridging the gap between music and games.

Patented Hybrid Musical Instrument
The You Rock Guitar is the perfect complement to any gamer or guitar-player’s collection, adding fun, convenience, versatility, portability and exceptional sound quality. Its exclusive design eliminates the hassle of tuning or restringing a traditional guitar. It connects to an existing amplifier for jamming sessions, or headphones for quiet playing time. Its USB interface connects to any computer, Mac or PC. The guitar can plug into any iPod, MP3 player, cell-phone or stereo receiver. Use iTunes library as your back-up band. The internal sound sources are of 16-bit audio quality. The patented neck feels like strings and frets and is well suited in professional MIDI studios for songwriting, sequencing or additionally driving multiple MIDI instruments in a live performance. Cliff Elion, President of Inspired Instruments states “Gaming requires something beyond a MIDI guitar, in fact, you cannot play any of the popular console music games with a MIDI guitar, that’s why we invented the multi-touch fret board technology. The future of music gaming can now be in your hands.”

Video Game Controller
Inspired has designed the GAMEFLEX™ plug-in cartridge system to overcome the incompatibility of multiple game platforms, specs and controllers. These cartridges plug into the guitar body and enable it to remotely connect to any desired video game console; Nintendo Wii, Sony PS2/3 and Microsoft XBOX – no need to buy a new guitar every time a new game or system is released. “The YOU ROCK GUITAR with GAMEFLEX cartridge technology eliminates the barriers and limitations that existed between game play and real play, and it will enable game developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in musical gaming”, says Inspired Business Development executive JR deSouza.

Want More?
The guitar has built-in sound loops with many of the chord progressions that changed the world. The product’s YOU ROCK MODE allows only the right notes while you learn to play chords, scales, and riffs. Additional sound sets will become available, each set includes, the guitar sound, the loop and the YOU ROCK MODE.

According to Kevin Kent, CEO of Inspired Instruments “The bridge between video games and real music performance has been elusive and somewhat of a holy grail for the millions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band players who want to step out of the box and onto a real stage. It must be fun from chord one. Never having to tune the guitar is essential to converting gamers to real music.

Market Availability
The YOU ROCK GUITAR suggested retail price is $149.99 and the GAMEFLEX modules $19.99-$24.99 each. Product will be shipping nationwide during the summer. For additional information visit

YOU ROCK GUITAR… Have Fun, Rock Will Happen. See us at Booth #407

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