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Pokemon Gold & Silver – Remakes are Official

Pokemon Gold & Silver – Remakes are Official

by Steve CullumMay 7, 2009


Yahoo! Japan and the official Japanese Pokemon hub site have confirmed that remakes of Pokemon Gold & Silver are due to hit Japan sometime this fall.

[Japanese Pokemon Hub & Yahoo! Japan]

For those of you who cannot read/speak Japanese, we’ve used Google Translator on these sites.  Granted, it will not be the best translation, but it is better than nothing.  And you’ll get the basic idea.  According to these translated pages, the names of these games are to be something like:

  • Heart of Gold Pokemon
  • The Seoul Pokemon Silver

This probably means they will be named “Heart Gold” and Soul Silver” in English.  Speaking of a localization, sources are sure these entries will come to North America, but nothing has yet been confirmed to when.

Japanese Pokemon Hub – in English

Yahoo! Japan – in English

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