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HB Online MMO RPG for the Nintendo DSi Browser

HB Online MMO RPG for the Nintendo DSi Browser

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 18, 2009


HullBreach Online, the first MMO RPG for the Wii’s Internet Channel, has been scaled down to run on the Nintendo DSi Browser to play while on-the-go.

HB Online Lite boasts all the sectors, planets, missions, tradeable goods, ships, upgrades, asteroids, NPCs, chat functions, and player stats, that its older brother has. In fact, both the game universe and player accounts are shared, so players can seamlessly jump between versions of the game at any time.

HB Online Lite has a completely new interface that favors lower resolution, lower bandwidth, and an all touchscreen interface. Communication with the server has been accelerated, and the backend generates content using the newest technologies, something that dates the older HB Online.

HB Online Lite also contains a few features not present in HB Online.  The first is real-time Twiiter feeds. Now players can see posts to the Wii/DS rapid blogging website appear instantly in the communication pane during gameplay.  Also shops and shipyards now have NPC dialogs that ensue when selecting purchases or making sales.

Both versions will continue to gain massive amounts of content over the next few weeks.  Players may visit the game one day to find Sector Theta Eta empty, and a visit the next day could reveal planets with several missions and goods to trade. New content will be dropped into both versions, becoming available in real-time.

To try HB Online Lite or HB Online now, visit .  Remember that accounts are shared between games, but Twiiter ( and DS Opera SDK ( accounts are the same as well.  Join the other 4800 players today!

Thanks Daniel for the tip

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