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Punchout!! Wii – Cheats, Unlockables, and Walkthrough

Punchout!! Wii – Cheats, Unlockables, and Walkthrough

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 26, 2009


Punchout!! Wii – Cheats, Unlockables, and walkthrough

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Regain Health Between Rounds: Press (-) between rounds when Doc is giving you advice. When the next round begins, you will regain a portion of your health. Note that you can only do this once per match.
Regain Health After Knocking Opponent Down: When you knock an opponent down, rapidly shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk (or pound on the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time if you’re playing with just the Wii Remote) to regain some health before your opponents gets up again.
Extra Knockdown During the TKO animation:  When Little Mac is about to fall down, rapidly shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk (or pound on the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time if you’re playing with just the Wii Remote) and you might earn another chance to stay in the round and continue fighting with a small amount of health. Note that this does not always work, as it is totally random.


Title Defense Mode: Successfully complete Minor, Major, and World Circuits.
Last Stand Mode: Successfully complete Title Defense Mode.
Champions Mode: Win 10 matches in Last Stand Mode.
Headgear: Lose 100 fights in Single Player Mode. The headgear reduces the damage you take from punches and can be used only in Contender and Title Defense Modes.
Donkey Kong: Successfully complete Title Defense Mode. Donkey Kong will become available in Exhibition Mode once you’ve beaten him in Last Stand Mode.
Audio Gallery: Complete all three of a boxer’s challenges in Exhibition Mode to unlock their respective Audio Gallery.


Minor Circuit

Glass Joe

Slow, weak, and stupid, Glass Joe is the ideal boxer for the beginner to the Punch-Out!! series. Glass Joe telegraphs his punches long in advance, giving you ample time to dodge them and retaliate, or even better, counter them! You will be hard-pressed to lose to Joe.

Tips & Tricks

* Glass Joe starts every round by crying his “Ah-ha!” taunt and flashing yellow. Immediately punch him when he does this to earn a Star right off the bat.
* Joe won’t attack until he’s used his “Viva la France!” taunt, so open up with jabs to his head. When he starts blocking those, send several hooks to his stomach. Now just alternate between three jabs to the head and three hooks to the stomach to rack up massive damage.
* When Joe backs off to one side and says, “Viva la France!” punch him just as he moves back toward his center position to knock him down instantly!
* You can easily counter every one of Glass Joe’s punches. Just watch for when he flashes red, then punch him. Better yet, hit him with the fist closest to him (i.e. if he shifts to your left, hit him with a left punch) to earn more Stars!
* Keep an eye out for when he does his “Ah-ha!” taunt again, and remember to hit him then to earn another Star.

Von Kaiser

Von Kaiser isn’t much tougher than the pathetic Glass Joe. The only notable difference here is that Von Kaiser won’t wait to taunt you before throwing a punch or two. That said, his attacks are easily dodged and countered, and his weakness to Star Punches means you can take him down extremely quickly.

Tips & Tricks

* Like Glass Joe, you can counter every single one of Von Kaiser’s attacks. Just wait for him to flash red, then unleash a punch with the fist closest to him to earn a Star.
* If you’re not quick enough to counter Von Kaiser’s attacks, you can simple dodge his punches. You can dodge left or right no matter which punch he throws.
* Von Kaiser is more susceptible to Star Punches than any other boxer. Once you have obtained a Star, dodge one of Von Kaiser’s attacks, jab him to stun him, then unleash the Star Punch to knock him down instantly. Because of this crushing weakness, you can take down Von Kaiser with as little as five punches!
* Watch for when Von Kaiser steps back and makes a clicking noise. On the last click, hit him with a right punch to earn a Star.
* You can also earn a Star when Von Kaiser covers his face. As soon as he says “Mommy!” and lowers a glove from his face, jab him in the head to receive the Star. If you already have a Star, use the Star Punch when he says “Mommy!” to instantly knock him down.

Disco Kid

The flamboyant Disco Kid is definitely a step up from Glass Joe and Von Kaiser in terms of difficulty, but it still shouldn’t take you very long to put this dancing fool in his place. While he’s much more agile and mobile than his predecessors, his punches are easily dodged, and he poses so much that obtaining Stars is hardly a challenge.

Tips & Tricks

* The Kid has but two punches, his jab and his hook, coming from the left or right side. If your strategy is just to dodge his punches before retaliation, just remember to always dodge to the right. He’ll never land a punch if you dodge in that direction.
* For those who want to counter Disco Kid’s punches, you need to, as usual, hit him when he flashes red before his attack, and with the fist closest to him. So if he steps left, nail him with a left punch, and if he ducks right (when he usually says “Here it comes!”), have a right punch at the ready. Both counters will earn you Stars.
* Disco Kid opens every round with one of his two poses: flashing his teeth with his arms stretched out, or flashing his teeth with his arms behind his back. Punch him during either of these when he flashes yellow to obtain a Star. He’ll also pose periodically throughout each round.
* You can knock Disco Kid down in one punch if you have a Star. Wait for him to strike one of his two poses, then immediately unleash a Star Punch. He’ll drop like a stone.

King Hippo

King Hippo, rotund as he is, is surprisingly strong and fast. He’ll block the majority of your punches, and getting to his major weak spot, his fat belly, is a bit of a process. Luckily you need only to knock the Hippo down once to end the match, so keep at it and persevere to claim victory!

Tips & Tricks

* The easiest way to take down King Hippo is to simply duck beneath any of his punches, quickly jabbing him in the head directly thereafter, then going to town on his big fat stomach. Rinse and repeat until you’ve whittled his health down to zero. Once he’s knocked out once, he’s down for the count.
* A quicker way of defeating him is to use counters to his punches. King Hippo uses two kinds of punches: a heavy swipe where he raises his arm high and then swipes it down, and a quick jab. For the heavy swipe, just duck beneath it, jab him in the head, then work his belly. For the quick jab, block the punch, then immediately hook him in the belly with the same fist (not the same side) that Hippo used, i.e. if he threw a jab with his left fist, hook him with your left fist. This nets you a Star!
* Another easy way of netting a Star is to punch King Hippo when he stops to pick up his shorts. When he flashes yellow, sock him!
* After knocking off about 50% of King Hippo’s health meter, he’ll start adding two-handed punches to his assault. These can also be ducked under, though you won’t be able to retaliate afterward.
* The best way to bring down the Hippo is to first knock off his crown. To do this, wait until he jumps back to perform his two-fisted punch, and the moment he flashes red, hit his belly with a hook. Once you’ve knocked off his crown, wait until he tries to use his two-fisted attack again, and hit him with another hook when he flashes red. Good night, King Hippo.

Major Circuit
Piston Hondo

Piston Hondo, quick though he may be, telegraphs all his punches, so avoiding them is a relatively easy affair. His one special attack, his Hondo Rush, can also be exploited for an easy victory, though one slip-up could cost you a decent chunk of health!

Tips & Tricks

* Watch for Piston to wiggle his eyebrows. The moment they stop wiggling (and he flashes red), nail him with a punch to counter the attack. Even better, hit him with a jab to the head for a Star!
* If your strategy is to dodge Piston’s attacks and then retaliate, always dodge to the left. This works against all of Piston’s punches except the Hondo Rush.
* Piston Hondo will periodically stand straight as an arrow and bow to you. Punch him at the end of this brief bow, when he flashes yellow, for a Star.
* When Piston Hondo backs up and starts hopping around, he’s about to perform his deadly Hondo Rush attack. The easiest way to avoid taking damage is to block Piston’s three punches (remember to hold Up again after each punch), then left-dodge the final uppercut in the move.
* To instantly knock Piston Hondo down, punch him just as he steps forward during his Hondo Rush. This is actually just before he flashes red.
* You can also instantly knock Piston down by nailing him with a Star Punch whenever he bows toward you.

Bear Hugger

After playing him a few times, you’ll see Bear Hugger for what he is, which is a rather simple opponent. Those looking to counter Bear’s punches, though, are going to have to get around his rather awkward timing to net those Stars. if you’re playing it safe, on the other hand, Bear shouldn’t be much of a problem.
Tips & Tricks

* Bear has two main punches, one coming down from the left and one sweeping across from the right. Both can be dodged with a left-dodge, then retaliated against. Be sure to use jabs instead of hooks, as Bear Hugger’s massive belly prevents you from getting in as many attacks.
* To counter Bear’s left punch for a Star, jab him in the head as he flashes red. This should be when he pulls back his arm but isn’t moving forward yet. This punch is more delayed than his other one, so be careful not to throw your counter too soon.
* To counter his right punch for a Star, throw a punch as he flashes red, as he pulls back his fist. This punch is quicker than the other one, so don’t wait too long to throw your counter.
* Bear Hugger has two taunts. The first is what he opens every match with, which is to make a face at you. Nail him with a jab to the face as he flashes yellow to earn a Star.
* Bear’s other taunt involves stepping back and swinging his large belly at you. Hook his belly as it swings close to you to earn a Star.
* Bear Hugger’s deadliest move, the Bear Hug, which he telegraphs by stepping back and saying “Need a hug?”, can only be dodged by ducking.
* To counter the Bear Hug, you must punch him as he flashes red, just after he lifts one of his feet and his arms are stretched out to either side. In the “Need a hug?” phrase, it falls right in the middle of the word “hug.” This is quite difficult to time correctly, but it will net you a Star.
* Once you have a Star, save it for when Bear taunts you again (typically every 5 attacks). When Bear goes into his taunt (either sticking his tongue out at you or swinging his belly close to you), unleash the Star Punch to knock him down instantly! NOTE: Sometimes this won’t knock Bear down completely, but will take off almost all of his health.

Great Tiger

Yet another boxer who telegraphs his punches (this time with the blinking jewel in his turban), Great Tiger is not much tougher than your previous opponent, and his special attack is even less intimidating. Compared to his NES version, Great Tiger on the Wii is a snap.

Tips & Tricks

* Great Tiger’s two jabs are telegraphed by the blinking jewel on his turban, but you should note one difference: if the jewel flashes yellow, you can counter it for a Star. If, on the other hand, you try to counter when the jewel flashes red, your punch will miss and Great Tiger will counter you. So stick with the yellow-flashing ones. Send your punch at Great Tiger as the jewel is blinking to connect with your counter.
* Great Tiger always starts the match with three yellow-jewel jabs in a row, allowing you to rack up three stars easily.
* To dodge his jabs, simply dodge-left or -right, then come back at him with a series of punches.
* Great Tiger also uses two uppercuts, one coming from the left and one from the right. Either counter these with a hook when he flashes red (with the fist closest to him) or dodge toward whichever direction he ducks first.
* Occasionally Great Tiger will perform his special Rushing Magic Attack where he backs up and splits into two, with one version taking the left side and one taking the right. You’ll notice that one of these Great Tigers is solid and one is transparent. Ignore the transparent one and focus on the solid one. When he comes toward you, dodge toward the direction they’re coming from, i.e. if the solid Great Tiger is on the left, dodge to the left. You can then unleash a flurry of punches on him.
* If your reflexes are good, you can knock Great Tiger down with one punch during his Rushing Magic Attack. You need to throw a hook just as he rushes toward you. To do this, you must start to throw your punch a split-second before he comes at you, just as his jewel stop shining. It’s tricky!

Don Flamenco

Easily the toughest opponent in the game thus far, the challenge of Don Flamenco lies in learning to adapt to his varied timing. Sometimes he’ll throw a punch quickly, and other times he’ll pause a second longer than you might be expecting, leaving you open to a powerful blow to the jaw. Learn his timing and you will learn Don Flamenco.

Tips & Tricks

* Don starts the match by taunting you. If you don’t throw any punches, he’ll eventually attack, but only after a lot of time has drained from the clock. Better to throw a punch, let him dodge/block it, then dodge his retaliatory attack so that you can pummel him afterward.
* Don will typically respond with one of his three uppercuts. The center uppercut comes the fastest, but if you hook Don just after he flashes red, you’ll counter the attack for a Star. Same goes for the uppercut on the left, although he waits a little longer before throwing that one; listen to him rattle his fist (what, has he got a Macarena in there?) to know when he’ll be flashing red. Both of these punches can be dodged by moving to the left.
* The uppercut on the right comes when he says “Ole!” Instead of dodging to the left, dodge this one to the right. You can also counter it for a Star when he flashes red.
* Don Flamenco will also on occasion step left or right and clap twice before releasing a jab. If you want to dodge these, do so just after Don’s second clap. You can also hook him to counter the attack for a Star.
* Don’s special attack, the Triple-Punch, is easy to see coming, as he’ll say, “Uno, dos, tres!” He’ll punch at you three times, and then depending on how you dealt with the three punches either attack again or be left open to a retaliatory attack. If you block his three punches, he’ll attack again directly after the third punch. Better to dodge the punches to the left: listen for the rattling of his gloves before each punch, and dodge at the moment you hear it. The first punch (and rattle) comes directly after he says “Tres!” After the third punch, Don will flash gold, so nail him for a Star!

World Circuit
Aran Ryan

If you’ve been dodging every opponent’s punches so far and avoiding any counters, well, prepare to have your world rocked. You can still dodge Aran Ryan’s punches and retaliate here, but you’ll only be able to get in a single punch after doing so. No, the only way to rack up the damage here is by countering.

Tips & Tricks

* Aran Ryan is a showy fellow, dancing around the ring with strange timing patterns. You must learn these patterns if you want to have the remotest chance of beating him. You can dodge right of all his attacks, but your retaliatory attack will be limited to a single punch, which isn’t enough to beat him.
* Don’t bother with jabs here, as hooks do just fine, and have the added bonus of being only a single button press.
* Aran’s two main attacks are a lunging center punch and a punch from the right. If he stays in the center, counter his attack by punching him as he flashes red at the very moment he starts to lunge forward. If he jumps to the right, wait for him to knock his head twice, then punch him just after the second knock.
* Aran’s also occasionally attacks with an uppercut from the left. To counter this, you must punch him as he flashes red, which is immediately after he ducks, just prior to the punch. This can earn you a Star.
* In a move of utter cockiness, Aran sometimes wipes his nose and steps toward you while saying either “Is that it?” or “Come on, partner.” When he flashes gold during this animation, hit him with any punch for a Star.
* When you’re looking for an opening to use a Star Punch, don’t bother unless Aran is currently stunned. Otherwise, chances are your Star Punch will be wasted!
* Once you knock Aran down once, he’ll throw a new move into the mix, where he’ll jump back to the ropes, then charge forward and head-butt you. You can dodge this by moving right or counter it by punching the moment he flashes red.

Soda Popinski

You may have gotten away with having slower reflexes with the boxers you’ve faced so far, but you can forget about trying it with Soda Popinski. His punches come so fast and hard that you’ll be left reeling if you aren’t attuned to his every movement.

Tips & Tricks

* Soda’s two main attacks come in the form of a hook from the middle and uppercuts from the left and right. Both come extremely fast after he flashes red.
* Dodge the middle hook to the right. You can try to counter it the moment he flashes red by nailing him with a right hook; if you’re successful you’ll net a Star. The right time to counter (or dodge) is the moment the “whooshing” sound that accompanies the punch begins. He begins every match with two hooks, followed by an uppercut.
* As for Soda’s uppercuts, they come extremely fast, so don’t even think about trying to counter them. Just dodge to either side. Like the hook, you’ll know when to dodge the moment you start to hear the “whooshing” sound that accompanies the attack.
* After you’ve dodged any of his punches, pummel his head with jabs. Don’t bother with hooks, as they stop your combos short.
* Once you knock Soda down once and he gets back up, he’ll immediately launch into three back-to-back uppercuts. Dodge these to either side, then follow it up with a series of jabs to his head.
* Eventually Soda will also start throwing in hooks from the right, often two in a row. Simply duck beneath these, then pummel him afterward.
* Every now and then Soda Popinski will pull out his bottle of green soda; quickly punch it with the fist closest to it to earn a Star! If you let him drink from the soda bottle, he’ll restore a good portion of his health bar.
* Sometimes Soda will stand in the center and laugh at you. When he flashes yellow, sock him for a Star! Use it again when he’s dazed after a few punches.

Bald Bull

Bald Bull is nothing if not powerful. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your health meter drains after taking only a few punches. You won’t be doing much countering here; instead you’ll need to focus on dodging and retaliating, and of course nailing him in the gut at that perfect moment in his Bull Charge!
Tips & Tricks

* Bald Bull has three main attacks. The first one you’ll see is his fist twirl, where he twirls his fists for a moment before unleashing a punch. Wait a moment if you see this coming, then dodge left out of the way (don’t dodge the moment he starts twirling his fists or you’ll bounce back right into his punch!). Once you’ve successfully dodged the attack, jab him in the head twice, wait a brief moment after your second jab, then jab him again to earn a Star.
* Bald Bull’s second attack is an uppercut, coming from the left. Dodge to the left to avoid it, then bounce back to retaliate.
* If you’re hit by one of Bald Bull’s uppercut, he’ll soon taunt you by laughing at you. Punch him when he flashes yellow to earn a Star.
* Bald Bull’s third main attack is to shake his fists at you and unleash a very quick punch. You can either dodge this to the left or counter it for a Star by punching him the moment he flashes red, just after he stops shaking his fists.
* Bald Bull’s special attack, the Bull Charge, can be dodged or countered. Watch the steam shoot out of Bald Bull’s nose, and dodge directly afterward. If you want to counter this charge for an instant knockdown, hook him as soon as he starts running toward you, which is just after the steam shoots from his nose. Note that you can also Star Punch him at this same moment!

Super Macho Man

Super Macho Man begins the match with only two attacks at his disposal, but once you knock him down the first time, he becomes progressively more difficult. Beating him is entirely a matter of learning which attack he’s going to use after a particular pose. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll see that Super Macho Man ain’t so macho after all!

Tips & Tricks

* When the match begins, Super Macho Man will only use two uppercuts, one from the left and one from the right. The one from the left comes quickly, but you can dodge it to the left or right. Afterward, immediately hit him with four alternating jabs to the head, pause a moment, then throw in two more jabs, starting with the fist closest to him. This will earn you a Star.
* His right uppercut is much more delayed than his left, and as such you should hesitate a moment before dodging. After bouncing back, hit him with four alternating jabs to the head, wait a moment, then deliver two more.
* Sometimes Super Macho Man will say “Photo op!” and pose for the cameras. He’ll flash yellow just after he says “Photo,” so hit him then for a Star.
* Once you’ve knocked Super Macho Man down the first time, he’ll start adding a new move to his repertoire, his clothesline attack. You’ll know this is coming when he stands up tall and straight and flexes his bicep. When you hear his bicep stretching (it sounds like leather more than anything else!), that’s your cue to duck under the clothesline. Pop back up and pummel him.
* After that first knockdown he’ll also add an attack where he steps left, says “Pump it!”, and swings a powerful fist at you. Duck or dodge to the right of this attack, then retaliate.
* After you’ve knocked Super Macho Man down twice, he’ll unleash his Triple Clothesline, where he performs his clothesline attack three times in a row. You’ll know this is coming when he puts on his shades and a light starts to glow behind him. Wait for him to raise his fist, then duck, then duck twice more in quick succession to avoid the three clotheslines. You now have the opportunity to retaliate.

Mr. Sandman

Not only is Mr. Sandman the fastest of the boxers, he’s also the strongest: just a few punches will send you to the mat lickety-split. Beating him requires lightning-quick reflexes and responses, but if you learn to react to his slightest movements, it is more than possible to beat him.

Tips & Tricks

* At the start of the fight, Mr. Sandman will throw two extremely quick punches from the right. You must learn to dodge this punch the instant you see him move. When you return to center, quickly jab him in the head, then pummel his stomach with alternating hooks. You can also jab him just as he starts to move to earn a Star, but this is very difficult to accomplish.
* Mr. Sandman’s other man attack is a punch from the left. He’ll say “Stand still!” and pull back a moment. You can counter this by punching him when he flashes red and obtain a Star. This is an extremely annoying move because chances are you’ll be so twitchy about dodging his right-punches that you’ll easily dodge away from this one too soon, causing you to return to center the moment he throws the punch. You must learn to hold back if you see him shift left!
* Eventually he’ll include a punch where he ducks to the right for a few moments, says “Night, night,” then swings a wide hook at you. Like Mr. Sandman’s “Stand still!” punch, you must learn to wait a second before dodging this attack!
* Periodically Mr. Sandman will step back and say “Boo!” any number of times. If you can punch just as he says this, you’ll earn a Star.
* Mr. Sandman’s special attack, the Dreamland Express, is three back-to-back uppercuts that you can dodge to either side. He’ll often step back and say “Boo!” before using it, though, so don’t dodge too early. Wait for him to crouch down, then dodge the first uppercut, then dodge the next two in quick succession. After you’ve dodged the last one, quickly hit him with a right hook to earn a Star.

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