Strange New Wii bundles



Well earlier today gamestop added 3 new wii bundles. No they are not trying to make you buy more they are actually giving you a item for free. You have 3 bundles to chose from. wii with a  free rubber duck, water gun, or pirate tatoo set. they are all priced 249.99 and avalible to online customers only. strange i know why they added these bundles is a head scratcher.


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  • Ellie

    Maybe it’s to show how much of a toy the Wii is? Haha JUST KIDDING, calm down fanboys. But yes… I’ve never heard of a system packaged with a rubber duckie… its uber cute though <3

  • Charmy

    What the crap?! XD

  • Potatoman

    Holy crap a pirate tattoo set?!?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That is the best bundle ever. No contest.

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  • Roth

    wtF? If it comes with a Super Soaker, count me in! \;D/

    LOL, this is like rock, paper scissors:
    rubber duckie > pirate tattoo > water gun > rubber duckie

    // Roth

  • Jason

    Wow -_-

  • ChrisX

    I’m going for duck hunt 😀