Club Nintendo Gold & Platinum Gifts – Exclusive Punchout!! Game!'

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  • bunnyplant

    these gifts SUCK.
    it almost feels like an after thought.
    I won’t be bothering with club nintendo in the future.

  • guesswho51

    This is actually a much tougher choice than I thought it would be. Being a long time Mario fan I really want the hat, but then the Punchout download is a huge exclusive.
    Was I expecting better? To be honest with you, yes. But I feel that for its first year Nintendo put out some decent rewards for its loyal fans. A lot of people forget that Nintendo does not have to give away anything at all. These prizes are FREE and all you have to do is register the games that you ALREADY OWN. Those who have some common sense in them will be appreciative of these gifts. I’m looking forward to next year and hope that eventually they bring that Wiimote lookalike TV remote.