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The Bigs 2 – Gameplay

The Bigs 2 – Gameplay

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 16, 2009

The BIGS 2 features an over-the-top playing style, like the first game established. Unlike the first game, The BIGS 2 allows players to play through the full 162 game season and will allow the player to act both as general manager and as the players on the field by allowing the player to trade, draft, and manage other front office activities. The game also, includes new game modes called Power, Glove, and Contact. The Bigs 2 will not support the Wii MotionPlus, which allows for more precise control.

At bat, the game also gives the player a new hitting system that consists of a “wheelhouse”. Pitches thrown into the wheelhouse can be hit more efficiently by the batter or gain more turbo if taken for a strike. Strikes in the wheelhouse also shrink the radius of the wheelhouse. For some hitters, the circle will be bigger based on stats.

The game will also include real-time sequences where the player can quickly tap a button to catch a ball speeding quickly past a fielder’s head. Like the original game, each button (e.g., the A button) will stand for a different base. When the button is pressed, the ball would be thrown to the selected base.

The new “Big Slam” mechanic allows the player to bring four consecutive batters up. If the first batter makes contact a single will automatically register. This will continue until the 4th batter is reached. If the first three players reached base by making contact, the 4th batter, upon making contact, will automatically hit a grand slam.

Become a Legend in a mode where the player creates a character who enters the league, eventually is drafted, and then tries to reach “Legendary Status”.

Release Date:
October 2nd, 2009 (NA)

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