Super Mario All-Stars Heading to DS or Virtual Console?


According to the latest issue of the prestigious Famitsu magazine Nintendo have issued a trademark for the Super Mario Collection.

Links have been made between Super Mario All-Stars and the proposed trademark, nothing has actually been confirmed. The title will surface for either the Wii Virtual Console or the Nintendo DS at some point in the near future.'

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  • hattrick

    Not sure if I’d rather have it for Wii or DS/DSi. I think I’d only buy it if it were for DS/DSi (portable), since I already own it for SNES (console).

  • -B

    It’s gotta be for the DS. I doubt they’re gonna compete with the sales of the individual games on the VC.

  • tiggerboy

    You can play Super Mario All-Stars on your NDS through Emulator..It works!