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Star Tips: Episode 1 – Punch Out!!

Star Tips: Episode 1 – Punch Out!!

by Steve CullumAugust 8, 2009

Here’s a new video series to help you do better in games. The first game they are providing tips for is Punch Out!! for Wii. is proud to present an exclusive line of videos dedicated to helping you with all the Nintendo games you know and love called Star Tips. For each episode we will have a specific member of the NintendoStar team giving you tips and tricks to a Wii or DS game.

For the first episode of Star Tips, we feature the first fighter in the World Circuit in the game Punch-Out!!. Since this is the “pilot” video, the quality of the video will get better as we continue to make more. If you have a certain part of a game you would like help or tips on, leave a comment below.

[Nintendo Star]

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