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Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan on Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus

Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan on Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 12, 2009

Above: Matt Ryan shooting the crap out of that bullseye

Matt Ryan, Senior Supervisor of Communications and Advertising for Nintendo of Canada, not surprisingly happens to be a huge fan of the game and was happy to share his thoughts with What is surprising, however, is that his sentiments for the archery game echo our own Adam Russell’s so much that it’s somewhat uncanny.

“Before I even got my hands on it, I honestly was the most interested in archery. I think it was because when it was demonstrated to me for the first time, the whole action that you go through with archery is so real and close to what you actually do in archery — which is something I used to do as a kid — that I’ve always narrowed in on that and it’s still my favourite,” Ryan said enthusiastically. “I’m playing on Expert and I’m getting pretty good. So I like it for those reasons but there’s just the little nuances and cool little things like the fact that you can hear the string tightening from the speaker in the Wii Remote – it makes it feel very real. And the compensating for wind and distance makes it feel very real. I was never an archery professional, but I used to love it as a kid and it just feels awesome.”


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