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Pop+ Solo coming to NA on August 24

Pop+ Solo coming to NA on August 24

by Steve CullumAugust 17, 2009


PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo are proud to announce that Pop+ Solo™ has been approved for release in both Europe and North America for Nintendo DSiWare™. Pop+ Solo will launch on August 24th in Americas and August 21st in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the UK for 500 Wii Points™.

In Pop+ Solo not only are users tasked with popping bubbles to make long chains and trying to keep the timer alive but also in a first for the series Nnooo have introduced a new Adventure mode with four boss battles. Players can now play through 16 waves of popping action with bosses interrupting the flow to try to stop players in their tracks.

“Pop+ Solo features eight main modes each of which are unlocked as the player collects more badges or progresses through each mode. Training, Normal, Advanced and Chill have been carried over from the popular WiiWare™ version while Adventure, Challenges, Timed and Bonus modes are new additions to this version. We think users will be really excited with all the new content we have added.” said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Adventure mode introduces the aformentioned boss battles as well as mines which detonate after a countdown to set of a chain reaction; jets of water which push the bubbles about and golden fish which the player can pop for loads of points!

Challenge mode allows users to choose a mode and wave and then set a score and time threshold to test or practice their skills on; Timed mode tasks the player with trying to progress as far and score as high as she can can within the set time limit and finally Bonus mode allows players to take on each bonus round in a series of progressively more difficult rounds.

Pop+ Solo is the latest version of Pop™ the popular bubble popping and score attack game first introduced on WiiWare. Nnooo have now successfully introduced this franchise to gamers on Wii™, iPhone™, iPod Touch™ and now the Nintendo DSi™.

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