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Academy of Champions Soccer – GC 2009 Trailer

Academy of Champions Soccer – GC 2009 Trailer

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 20, 2009

WiiNintendo got an exclusive hands on and Interview with the games developer:
Carsten Myhill, developer of Academy of Champions, tells us all about this new Soccer (football) game. Carsten does an excellent job at describing the game as a whole, so watch the video above for that. I’m going to talk about my 1 on 1 game with the developer himself (who managed to beat me while answering questions and facing backwards through 1/2 the game).

I’ll be perfectly honest, when I first heard about Academy of Champions with Pele I thought this would be another Fifa clone, but I’ll tell you after playing this I think it may be the sleeper hit of the bunch. This game for me picks up right where Mario Strikers left off (in a good way). Academy of Champions gives you all of the cool power ups and strategies that can be found in Mario Strikers and marries that with the feel of a “real” soccer game. The game even incorporates some screen prompts to hit buttons on cue to win a “jostle” between two characters. You need to pass and win jostles to build up your power meter to initiate your special power (for instance when I powered up Sam Fischer from Splinter Cell the game went into night vision mode, I saw green night vision and I was invisible to everyone else). The game also features what the devs are calling envro-mation (environment animation) which occurs after each goal, you can see an example of this in the video above. After my match with Carsten I was left wanting more, the game is “pick up and play friendly”, but also very challenging once you start to get a little more serious. Different character attributes come into play as well as strategy of how and when to use your power meter (ie speed boost drains your power bar).

The game also has a Wii Balance Board mini game section that challenges you to dribble the ball on your head, legs, and feet and also catch the ball on the nape of your neck and roll the ball around your neck and arms. Academy of Champions is loaded with mini games and customization. There is also an Ubisoft team you can become which features all your favorite Ubisoft characters (even black Raving Rabbids).

– Release Date: 9/9/09
– Online Multiplayer
– Wii Motion Plus is incorporated to things like dodging and lobbing, but not necessary.
– Wii Balance Board Compatible

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