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Silent Hill Shattered Memories – GC 09 Trailer

Silent Hill Shattered Memories – GC 09 Trailer

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 20, 2009

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is an upcoming video game in the Silent Hill series. It is a reimagining of the first game in the franchise.

The game will follow a similar plot to the original: the protagonist, Harry Mason, searches for his daughter, Cheryl, in the mysterious town of Silent Hill following her disappearance after a car accident.

The player will be observed and evaluated by the game as they play and their actions will have an effect on multiple aspects of play with the town, its attendant monsters and characters’ attitudes and clothing changing according to the player’s choices. One of the prerelease videos provided suggests that players will fill in a psychological evaluation form at the start of a new game, suggesting that the process of evaluating the player begins quite early.

Harry is equipped with a cell phone which he can use to check the map via GPS, receive text- and audio-messages, take pictures and call numbers. In the Wii version, the Wii Remote will be used for puzzle solving and to control the player’s flashlight and cell phone. Checking scattered diary pages and documents has been eliminated in favor of visually scanning the environment and utilizing the cell phone to zoom in on small objects and text and to reveal hidden messages by taking pictures. Combat has been removed from the game with emphasis placed instead on evading encounters with monsters entirely.

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