Nintendo Patents Wii Motion Plus Football Controller


A recently filed patent application by Howard Cheng, Vice President of Research and Development at Nintendo of America, reveals a plan for a soft football controller for use with the Wii and the remote.

Throwing – Players firmly strap their hands to the ball and make a throwing motion. The pitch angle and force of the throw determines the trajectory arc of the throw. Side to side motion determines the yaw angle. Pressing buttons on the Wii remote can adjust other options.

Running – The football controller sense body motion, shifting left and right to dodge tacklers and even jumping motions by raising the ball. Running speed is determined by players making a jogging motion.

Check-out the thumbnails below for details:


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  • Tony

    This wouldn’t cause major lawsuits after people throw it through their televisions. [=^)

  • thexboxguy

    Now that is pretty silly. I wonder if they would include a net to throw it at.