Gamestop selling New Super Mario Bros. Wii Controller Shells


12.99$ @ Gamestop'

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  • Randomwiiplayer

    They aren’t controllers. They are controller cases to put over the classic controller. It is cool but I hate the classic controller so I don’t have one. It is so uncomfortable.

  • Nintendo Okie

    That’s actually a shell that goes over the Wii Remote. I don’t really see the point to it. The classic controller is pretty much the same with two buttons missing and I think the Wii Remote will do a perfectly fine job on its own.

  • Jim

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the problem of the horrible D-Pad on the Wiimote. I can’t play any games with the Wiimote sideways for more than a few minutes or it starts hurting my thumb. The SNES was the controller pinnacle.

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  • joe

    dumb… make a real controller

  • josh

    Actually using the regular Wii remote for a couple hours with the new Super Mario Wii your hands start to cramp. The Wii remote is too narrow, these will make the game more enjoyable. Can’t imagine what it’s like for people with huge hands.

  • Robert

    Does the shell work well with Super Mario World (virtual console -snes)?

  • Wade

    I can imagine that this is going to be a great investment with people who have freakin huge hands such as myself. Super Paper Mario was a pain with just the remote… so this oughta help at least a little.

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