Modern Warfare Wii developers say graphics are stunning

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  • hey_suburbia

    That footage DOES look stunning. I’m actually pretty pumped about this, I just wish it got released when the other consoles got it… that way the Wii would be getting Modern Warfare 2 now.

  • mals

    look at 1:56 on the vid its showing the PS3 version lol

  • Jason

    Wow, amazing how they didn’t show not a single video of the Wii version of the game.

    Wasn’t that the whole point of the video too? Fail :\

  • lace

    man!!!! thats what im talking about. not those kiddy shity graphic games!!!! cmmon wii game makers get a life! not just make a wii games for granted!!!

  • ass

    ass you!!!!!!!!!!!! this is ps3 xbox360 game!!!

  • Jeremy

    It would have benefited them to actually SHOW the Wii graphics. 360 and PS3 graphics do not show us what the game will look like on the Wii.