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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Wii Online features BRAG system

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Wii Online features BRAG system

by Steve CullumSeptember 3, 2009


A portion of a Hero HQ interview with Timothy Schwalk, lead producer…

HQ: What are the character exclusives?

TS: What we can tell you is that we absolutely will have platform exclusive characters for Wii, PS2 and NDS. We can’t talk about them just yet, but we’re really excited about them though and can’t wait to see what you and all of the fans think when they’re revealed.

HQ: Will the Wii have online play? Will it be similar to the online “Guest” feature in Mario Kart? Will “Wii Speak” be supported?

TS: The sequel is like the original Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for Wii, in that it has co-operative play for up to 4 friends offline.

As for what we are doing online, we do want to let you in on one of the cool features that we’re implementing in the game, which is the B.R.A.G. system, which does have an online component. It all started because people around the n-Space office are extremely competitive. They were playing Wii bowling for fun and whenever someone beat another person’s score, he would take a picture of the new high score and e-mail it to everyone to gloat. This competitiveness grew more and more as people kept topping each other’s scores and broadcasting their achievements.

It was so fun, we added an element of that to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. When you finish a level in the game, and if you’re really happy about your performance, you can use the B.R.A.G. system to e-mail friends in your Nintendo address book. It sends them an e-mail with a screenshot of your results screen. If you have a buddy who you always play games with, the two of you can have a friendly competition trying to top each other’s scores. For the ultra-competitive, there is also an online leaderboard, so you can compete with the entire world to get the top score and grade for each level in the game.

For the full interview, click here.

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