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Castle of Magic coming to DSiWare

Castle of Magic coming to DSiWare

by Steve CullumSeptember 16, 2009

Be prepared to face anything and everything as you try to save your friend from the clutches of the horrifying magician Nefastax in Castle Of Magic!

To survive, you’ll have to stand up to wild monsters whilst exploring environments that directly influence your movement. In this platform-based universe, the ground will make you stick, slide, sink, swim, levitate, and even walk on the ceiling when gravity disappears!

As well as varied environments, giant bosses and beautiful environments, Castle Of Magic features innovative use of the Nintendo DSi Camera – allowing you to transform yourself into powerful new forms. Visit a Photo Cabin in the game and search for an object in real life that matches the colour of the character you want to transform into. Take a picture of a blue object with your Nintendo DSi Camera and abracadabra – you’re transformed into a swordfish! The Nintendo DSi Camera also comes into play as you customise in-game items using pictures of your choice.

Are you ready to dive into the unique world of Castle Of Magic?

  • A platform game designed to appeal to both beginners and platform game veterans
  • Explore five varied environments and battle all kinds of inventive enemies and bosses as you hop between the top screen and Touch Screen of the Nintendo DSi
  • Use the Nintendo DSi Camera to customise in-game characters and transform your hero into powerful new incarnations

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