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Scribblenauts – Video Review

Scribblenauts – Video Review

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 17, 2009

GamePro – 100
Scribblenauts is the video game equivalent of your first kiss: it’s awkward, it’s sweet and it’s utterly memorable.

GameSpy – 90
Even with the flaws in Scribblenauts’ controls and the level editor — which only allows you to make levels for use on your own card, and not share them with others — it holds a special place in my heart for being the most fun I’ve ever had improving my vocabulary. It is, dare I say, the best piece of edutainment since Math Blaster.

Game Informer – 88
Like LitteBigPlanet before it, Scribblenauts invites players to express their creativity in ways I never imagined. It’s one of my top games this year, and a DS game that has near limitless appeal.

IGN – 87
Even though I harp on the clunky controls, I’m still a huge Scribblenauts fan and fully believe that, even with Maxwell’s awkwardness, this game is one of the top titles on the Nintendo DS platform.

1UP – 83
You get a wholesome puzzle game in Scribblenauts, with challenges that may well last you longer than you think, but it’s not perfect.

GameSpot – 80
The staggering originality of Scribblenauts makes it a great experience and a memorable puzzle game that will have you laughing with glee while you frantically think up crazier and crazier ideas.

Cheat Code Central – 80
All in all, Scribblenauts is a game to praise.

GameDaily – 80
Scribblenauts stands apart from the usual assortment of puzzle games, thanks to its charming design and wealth of possibilities. Don’t let it fly under the radar. Go out and buy a copy right now.

Games Radar (in-house) – 70
In the end, we came away from Scribblenauts wondering if we had missed the point. There were a few puzzles with satisfyingly original solutions, but instead of feeling empowered by the freedom to write anything we wanted, we felt more confined by the limitations of core mechanic and the game’s lousy controls.

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