Scribblenauts – How do you get past the dinosaurs?

For some reason this level gave me some trouble, I tried capturing the dinosaurs in cages, using cranes, flying a helicopter into them, deploying a meteorite, then I thought of something rather amusing…  Let’s see if we can have God ride dinosaurs that would be funny, not only did he ride them he destroyed them.'

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  • Charmy

    For this level I just summoned Egg and Stove and it made an omelet and I won.

  • hey_suburbia


    You didn’t need to get the egg??!!!

    Man, what a pain it was…

  • moJoe

    Yeah, same here. I summoned an egg and summoned a lighter and I won.

  • Komepelu

    Glad to see doesn’t have a problem with blatant piracy on the front page…

  • hey_suburbia

    I own the game, there is no other way for me to screen capture