Unboxing Squeeballs, photos, videos, + more

I just received one of the coolest packages ever in the mail. It’s for the Wii, DS, and iPhone game coming out October 15th entitled, Squeeballs. It was shipped in a cargo crate. I thought I won a month supply of banana’s or something before I opened it. We’ll have an exclusive review of the game in a few days and here are the unboxing photos, exclusive screen shots, and exclusive video of the game:

(unboxing photos on Flickr in photoset)

MEET THE CHARACTERS – Read their bios (Page 1 | Page 2)

“Squeeballs Party™” is a fun, family-friendly video game that provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. The game’s mischievous antics provide a nice mix of fun and guilty pleasure that both kids and adults will enjoy. In the game, the Squeeballs are 12 toys that are manufactured on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific. Before they can be sold to children around the world, the Squeeballs must be fully put to the test…to the point of destruction! You can blow up, cook, slice, bat, bowl, shoot and bounce the Squeeballs. Play the game on your own, in head-to-head challenges with two players, or in party mode with up to four players.

The game features a unique collection of 11 party games, each taking place in a different environment from lava-filled canyons, bowling alleys and kitchens to science labs and snow-capped mountains. You begin the game with four open challenges. Others will open as more and more challenges are met – each one more difficult than the last – eventually showcasing over 150 unique challenges.

The party games include:
• Tenpin Bowling – Atop each pin sits a happy Squeeball. Your job is to knock them off. See them cower as the ball approaches and hear them laugh if you miss.
• Feeding Frenzy – Fire Squeeballs at their arch enemy, the ever-hungry El Toro… or get eaten yourself!
• Cannon – Swing the racket at the Squeeballs as they are fired at you from a cannon.
• Cooking – Dice, slice, grate, season, and stir Squeeballs in special dishes prepared for El Toro.
• Crazy Lanes – Bowling down the wackiest, curviest lanes ever. Watch out for the lava and bombs!
• Paint by Squeeballs – Get your creative juices flowing as you catapult the Squeeballs to color a picture, splat by splat!
• Creature Testing Belt – Follow the Squeeballs on the conveyor belt and pop, slice and punch them as they pass by you.
• Pumping – Inflate the Squeeballs with the right amount of air and fly them through the course. Add too much air and they explode!
• Squeeball Golf – Aim, spin your arms and send Squeeballs flying through the air, skimming the water and finding dry land.
• Shock – Keep steady along the electric wire or else!
• Stampede – Shoot the approaching Squeeballs before they reach you and smother you with their love.

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  • DarkWish

    That looks awesome! Well, the crate of stuff that is. I’m now curious about the game, so I’m looking forward to your review in a few days.

  • Jeff

    What type of controller are they using in the video. Doesn’t look like a wiimote.

  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia


    Good question, I’m emailing the developers now to see. Here is a close-up: http://imgur.com/z3FhR.png

  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia

    After googling a little bit, it looks like the controller is for the 360:




  • http://www.thefunhouse.us Eric Morris

    This is great hey_suburbia! I hope the site continues to do well. And if you happen to get some awesome extra swag then, now I am just saying, send it my way.

    I look forward to the review.

  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia

    Yeah, I may put something together to hand out some of these guys. I have a bunch of “swag” floating around, we need to organize some sort of weekly contest… any takers?

  • mejaxi

    Dude, that crate is sick. I would love to score some of that swag.

  • http://chickennuggetsofwisdom.blogspot.com DiPaola Momma

    My 4 year old just stopped playing his Wii sports to come look at these.. HE NEVER does that! He is riveted to the screen picking out the “Ones I must have” while his little sister squeals “NO it’s MINES!”.. I feel a new Wii addiction coming on.. and the 15 and 10 year olds aren’t even home yet!!!!

  • kennyarri

    me and my husband got this game for our kids but soon after we ended up playing it more than they did!!

  • Pezzatjulio

    for how much will you sell for the yellow one with red hair

  • Pezzatjulio

    if u are going to sell them please sell them on ebay