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EXCLUSIVE: LIVE interview with Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live on the Nintendo Fuse Podcast on Oct. 27th!

EXCLUSIVE: LIVE interview with Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live on the Nintendo Fuse Podcast on Oct. 27th!

by Hassan AhmedOctober 15, 2009


Okay, I have some cool news for everyone. On the Nintendo Fuse Podcast on October 27th, we are interviewing Tommy Tallarico from Video Games Live! Who’s Tommy Tallarico? What’s Video Games Live? If you are asking those questions, then you are seriously missing out. Tommy Tallarico is a video game music composer and has composed music for Earthworm Jim, Prince of Persia, Advent Rising, Pac-Man World, Unreal, and many more. Tommy Tallarico joined together with another game composer named Jack Wall, and they started Video Games Live.

Video Games Live is a show that has a live orchestra play video game music alongside synchronized video and lights. It… is… AMAZING. I have seen Video Games Live twice and it was one of the greatest things I’ve seen and heard in my life. For those that don’t know what Video Games Live is and just how great it is, I am going to post music and video from the show over the next week and a half, leading up to the LIVE interview with Tommy Tallarico on October 27th during the Nintendo Fuse Podcast.

And here’s the best part… I will be posting my own exclusive recordings of the 100th Video Games Live show that took place earlier this year. Yes, you’re allowed to record it. Yes, they are great quality (aside from the audience in the background of course). You are going to hear music from Nintendo franchises like Metroid, Mario, and Zelda… as well as music from other series like Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, and Halo. Video game music is something that we can all appreciate and thanks to Tommy Tallarico and his partner Jack Wall, it’s something that we can experience in person all over the world.

To kick things off, I have recordings of the first three songs played at the 100th Video Games Live show. Download them below!

01. Classic Arcade Medley
02. Metal Gear Solid
03. God of War

The Classic Arcade Medley includes music from Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Frogger, Dragon Lari, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Tetris, and more! The Metal Gear Solid music was played alongside a person in a Snake costume walking around the stage. The music itself sounded so amazing in person. I have never played a Metal Gear Solid game but know a little bit about them and have heard the music thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but when I heard this music in person… my eyes actually watered up a bit. Beautiful. And the God of War music… sounded totally epic, especially with one of the choir members singing along.

Tomorrow, I will post the videos to the songs above. While the above songs are my own recordings, the videos will have to be found on YouTube since I didn’t record the video. Trust me, none of this compares to how it was in person. But once you hear the music and see the video, you’ll get a taste of what Video Games Live is all about. So please, enjoy the music and be there on October 27th for the LIVE interview with Tommy Tallarico! Please post any questions you may have and they will be asked during the podcast. Enjoy!

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