Nintendo DSi XL/LL – More Photos

Here are some more photos of the new Nintendo DSi XL/LL.  These were found by WiiNintendo blogger and forum moderator, DarkWish.

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Steve – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • remy

    wow DSi XL im getting that one thing is will i be able to watch vids off internet and how much will it cost and how will i get my old dsi shop games on the new dsi xl i got lots of question many many i prob go on for hours so if somone could answer it would be helpful

  • hattrick

    We’ve got several posts on the DSi XL. Here’s the link to them.

    As far as your questions, please check out our forums ( and ask away. We’ve actually got an entire thread that is PACKED with info and questions about the DSi XL.

  • AeroMist

    It there gonna be a dsi xl 2? and when is is gonna release

  • AeroMist

    I ment is there srry