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Best of 2009 – Part 1

Best of 2009 – Part 1

by SirVenomNovember 3, 2009

EB_Evil_Mani_Mani Well, here we are in November. Where has the year gone? I want a refund!

Whatever happened to those wasted days, we cannot overlook one all-important fact: It is time to decide on the top games of 2009.

This is where YOU come it, WiiNintendo readers. For round one of the “Best of 2009” program, I need you to send me your nominations for the best game this year has had to offer.

Rules – Email your suggestions to (replace the # with @). Put the phrase “Best of 2009” in the subject line, or the email will automatically be deleted by my filter.

For Part 1, it is not important to specify which games are your favorite and second favorite and so on. Right now, all that matters is that you send in nominations for the best:

  • Wii games
  • DS games
  • Wii-/DSi-Ware games

You may nominate as many games as you want in Round 1. Voting (Round 2) will not begin until at least next week.

I look forward to sorting through endless pages of suggestions!

Remember: Email to SIRVENOM#WIININTENDO.NET (replace # with @) with the subject “Best of 2009”.

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