New Super Mario Bros. Wii Soundtrack



31 Full Tracks:

1-down, Airship Boss, Airships, Castle, Course Clear Old School, Course Clear, Evil Themes Remix, Forest, Game Over, Koopa Kid, Mario Bros. Remix, Peach Castle, Rescue Peach, Results Screen, Spooky, Credits, Timed Switch, Title, Underground Remix, Under water World 1-9 Maps, + More



Here is a new rip of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Soundtrack. This one includes 63 tracks at 192Kbs! The link was dead for a while, but I re-uploaded the .zip file and also added a link to a torrent of the file.

Download – 124MB

Torrent Download – 124MB


Download – 124MB

Torrent Download – 124MB'

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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • DarkWish

    It’s not downloading properly for me. Did anyone else get it to work?

  • hattrick

    I got it to work.

  • RuskiSnajper


    Boycott Modern Warfare 2


    Buy New Super Mario Bros INSTEAD!!! I WILL!

  • DarkWish

    For some reason, it just never works. I save it but it automatically says done, meaning the file size is super small cause it didn’t really download. Could someone maybe upload it to sendspace, megaupload, rapidshare, or somewhere else?

  • C knight 70

    you need to save the folder then open it then unzip it pretty simple really

  • DarkWish

    I know how to save and unzip a file, thank you. My internet doesn’t seem to agree with downloading files on this website. I can download things just fine elsewhere, but just not here. That’s why I asked if someone could upload it to another source.

  • david

    this stuff ain’t acceptable. q couple of tracks are missing (world 1-2’s rendition of the underworld theme, and the memory game bonus level, on top of that, 32 kbps? What the heck kind of quality is that to render at? We need a high quality rip ASAP!

  • Tanshin

    Yes, I would love it if somebody could find a decent quality rip. So far I haven’t found anything, nor any ROMs with which I would attempt to rip (I don’t have the proper equipment to read my game disk).

  • Tanshin

    Nor do I have the time to record from the game (even though I have the capability).

  • Amaterasu

    I wish there were more tracks including the one I really wanted, ***WARNING SPOILER!!*** the background music where Browser becomes giagantic in the last stage. I really love the chorus in the background as well X3 its so awsome, scary, and very powerful in my opinion!! XD

  • Tanshin

    That music was absolutely amazing! It was perfect for that point of the game.

    I also like how they combined the SMB3 Warp Zone with Rainbow Road for World 9.

  • hey_suburbia

    Sorry for not having all the tracks, remember this was ripped 10 days before the game even came out!

    I’ll try and get better quality and/or more tracks.

  • hey_suburbia

    Here is a new rip of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Soundtrack. This one includes 63 tracks at 192Kbs!

  • elainehuxley

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  • alfonso

    thx aloooot 😀

  • Tanshin

    Downloading the new rip right now! I’m sure it’s a good one 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to rip them all!

  • Moo

    How do I unzip the file and get it to iTunes? I really want to put some songs on my iPod.

  • hey_suburbia


    Right click the download link and select “save as”, then save the file to your computer.

    Once the file downloads you should be able to just double click the folder. If you’re on OS X or anything newer than Windows XP they all have built in unzipping tools. If for some reason they do not, download WinRAR or WinZip to unzip it.

    Then open iTunes and drag the files into your music folder.

  • Jacob

    I LOVE THIS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I have the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Pudoro

    me gusta mario bros

    • Robertpalm64

      i know what gusta means it means like

  • Pudoro


  • Mike

    The 124mb “updated” file won’t download? Any reason? Thanks!

  • Joe

    Says that file is corrupted or damaged

  • MPpppp

    Much easier than, say, recording the music off the TV screen with a microphone.

  • Peruna Kellari

    Sweet bro, your work is apreaciated.

  • Polyhedron Riddle

    Awesome! I love these music! And the quality is good.

  • Aidanjgamble

    bowsers castle crashed my iPod permanently

  • soupermaen

    link is broken for regular download


    I LOVE SUPER MARIO BROS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!