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Boom Blox Bash Party – 25% More Game & Cheats

Boom Blox Bash Party – 25% More Game & Cheats

by Steve CullumNovember 29, 2009


This holiday, throw a party with BOOM BLOX Bash Party. Adding 25% more action-packed fun for the whole family, EA is giving 139 FREE new online levels today. The new EA-created levels include 57 single player, 48 multiplayer, and 15 co-op levels in addition to the existing uploaded levels totaling more than 500! Access these games through Create Mode or by clicking on the Satellite icon in any game mode.

There are also more than 15,000 approved player-created levels and growing. Easily access these levels by navigating to Create Mode and clicking on Download Levels. Sort by Most Popular, Highest Rated, or Newest.

We’ll leave you with a holiday treat….cheats! At the BOOM BLOX title screen, hit up, right, down, left on the D-pad button. Type in the codes below using the keyboard:

  • Bailout – 1 Million Boom Bux
  • Nothing But Hope – Unlock All
  • Musical Fruit – Turns all sound effects into Virus Blox sound effects
  • Freeze Frame – Turn on Blox Time
  • Blox Bouquet – Turns all animations into flowers

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Space_1 Showtime_1 Pirate_1 Heroic_1 Herioc_2

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