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Zelda Informer is putting together a “spoiler free” The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Walkthrough, I posted the first two here. Check out the rest at Zelda Informer

1. All Aboard: The Journey to Castle Town

::::::Get to Castle Town::::::

* After the intro cutscene, go out of the house and go north.
* Talk to the blue haired boy and roll into the tree.
* Run east and jump into the water.
* Talk to the boy again.
* Go up the stairs to the north.
* Drive the train to Castle Town.
* Use the gearbox to speed up, the whistle to chase cows away.
* Make sure to avoid the other trains. Turn right-left-right and you’ll hit your destination safely.
* Don’t forget to hit the breaks so you don’t run circles. In the worst case scenario there’s always reverse.

::::::Get the Tunic::::::


* Go north to the castle, talk to the guards and get in.
* Head up the stairs north.
* After the cutscene is done, read the letter (Menu – Collection – Letters)
* Now you have to sneak past several guards to get to your destination.
* Exit the main chamber and go right, avoid the guard here.
* Once up you’ll be confronted with a guard right away. Run right behind the corner so he doesn’t see you.
* Run north then jump down in front of the door and enter.
* Now go north up the right staircase.

::::::Get out of the Castle::::::

* After the cutscene go back to the corridor.
* You’ll now see guard patrol router on your map.
* Move south-east through the door there, avoiding 2 guards. You can do it by sticking to the back of the one lower one.
* Jump down and call her to come to you. Now go stand in front of the guard that you saw in the mini cutscene earlier, and draw her a path to go around the other side.
* Make sure NOT to tap the Call button when you’re done because you want her at that spot.
* Go down to the next guard and stand in front of him, make her go behind him.
* Take a rock and throw it somewhere far so that the next guard moves, have her quickly move across. To make sure he doesn’t go back throw another rock so you distract him again.
* Go distract the guard at the main entrance by standing next to him just to be safe and move her to the gate.

::::::Get the Sword::::::

* After the cutscene you’ll be on the train but it’s not a real train ride.
* After another cutscene go out of the room and south.
* Head up the stairs to the throne room.
* Move up to the door where disappeared and tap it to open it.
* Just go through the corridor up the stairs.
* Go out the room and all the way around. Go down the stairs and talk to the guard.
* Go up again and tap the door to open it then enter the throne room.
* Go out the other side and then right into the door on the north.
* Talk to the guard standing right in front of you.
* Finish the sword training.

::::::Getting to the Tower of Spirits::::::

* Go back down to the backdoor.
* Kill all the enemies here and talk to the guard.
* Go north, take the bomb flower by tapping it and throw it at the second straight section of wall from the left side.
* Inside of the cave kill all enemies the push the block on the switch.
* Take the key and enter the door.
* Follow the path and use the 2 bomb flowers to blast through the rocks.
* Hit the switches in order: Right – Top – Bottom – Left
* In this room just kill the mice end exit up north.

::::::Get the first Rail Map::::::

* After the cutscene go up the stairs.
* Enter the door on top of the room.
* Go forward and after the small cutscene get obliterated by the monster.
* Go up again.
* Run left and grab the first tear.
* After getting the second tier up north, go right and hit the switch.
* Now run back left, into the inner circle where the phantom is patrolling and then right across the bridge.
* Get behind the phantom and hit him with your sword!
* Switch to Zelda and draw a map so that it crosses one side of the door (A mark will appear on the path)
* Switch to Link and tap the other side.
* Go to the spikes, then switch to Zelda and lead her to the switch on the other side.
* Turn right, kill the enemies then position Link on one switch and Zelda on the other.
* Leave Zelda there and go push the block in front of the rat hole. After that, move her to the other side as well.
* Switch to Zelda, cross the spike and hit the switch behind the other phantom.
* Have link move to the right of the phantom and Zelda talk to the phantom from its left. Then move link quickly behind.
* Go into the next room and grab the rail map!
* Step into the light to get back to base level and talk to Anjean.

:::::Get to the Forest Temple::::::

* Travel to the location marked ??? on your map, east of the forest.
* Talk to the villagers.
* Head west into the forest.
* Go left or right depending on which direction the tree branch is pointing right before a junction. The fourth tree has no sense for direction so go the opposite direction of where it is pointing.
* Once in this area, go north and then right to reach the 2 bomb plants.
* Take one plant and throw it next to the switch (so it doesn’t hit it), then run back for the second one.
* By the time the first one explodes and the bridge comes out you should already be at the ledge. Hurry to the left and destroy the stone wall.
* Go left and tap the tablet. It asks you to connect the two statues facing each other. Connect the top left and bottom right one (Look at the statues)
* Enter and talk with Gage.
* Play the song with him. Just follow the instructions he gives.
* Head back out and go right until you reach a rocket shaped rock. Take out the flute and look what colors are coming out of the rock and play those colors.
* Head back to the train.
* Travel north to the Forest Temple. In order to avoid getting hit by the skulltulas, slow down in front of them and blow the whistle to make them scramble.


2. Getting Lost: The Forest Temple

::::::Getting the Whirlwind::::::

* Once inside go left and play the colors Green White Green in front of the statue to get the Song of Healing.
* In the next room follow the path until you get to two plants.
* Take one of the plants and hit the switch on the right to make the bridge expand. Turn right.
* Defeat the enemies here, take the rupees from the chest and head up.
* Follow the path while avoiding the purple goo.
* Defeat the spiders and take the whirlwind from the chest.

::::::Getting the Big Key::::::

The Legend of Zelda- Spirit Tracks_Lost_Woods

* Stand in front of the gap and blow the whirlwind at the rotating totem to open the door.
* First go south and blow away the goo in the top left corner to unveil a chest with a treasure.
* Go left, blow away the goo and go down the stairs.
* Stand on either the top or bottom side from the key and blow the Whirlwind at it.
* Pick up the key and head south towards the locked door at the entrance.
* Follow the path until you get to the very bottom. Here you will fight 2 floating skull enemies.
* In order to defeat them, blow them down with the Whirlwind and then finish them off while they’re stunned.
* In the next room head north up the stairs.
* Blow the Whirlwind in such a way that it carries the chestnut to the switch.
* Pick up the key from the chest and head down.
* Enter the door on the right to fight the mini boss of this temple.
* In order to defeat him aim at him wit the whirlwind and wait until he shoots a skull at you then fire the whirlwind to return it to him. While he is stunned hit him with the sword. Rinse and repeat.
* Go up to the third floor and go south.
* Hit the blue snail thing to make it curl up, then slowly bash it with your shield against the wall. Hit it with the sword to make it explode and open the way for you.
* Clear the goo to the right to reveal a switch.
* Now clear all the goo so you can cross on the other side. Take the treasure from the chest and hit the switch.
* Go all the way left where the door opened.
* Lure the snail bombs north, hit them, then use the whirlwind to blow one into the wall, and the second one into the switch.
* Go to the central chamber and right for the Big Key.
* Look at the map behind the key and note down the path you must take.
* Go up for the boss fight.

::::::Defeating Stagnox::::::

*First Boss Battle at the Forest Temple

* Stand still until you see that he’s about to charge you.
* When he does charge, move around behind him and blow his spores away with the Whirlwind. Hit him while he’s stunned.
* Repeat this until he lifts off into the air.
* He will drop 3 snail bombs at you. Kill 2 and leave one curled up.
* When he dives for you send the bomb flying his way with the whirlwind to knock him down.
* Rinse and repeat until dead.


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The Dark Realm

[Check out Zelda Informer for continued walkthrough]'

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