New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!, SMB remake available by Christmas

GBATemp forum member, gridattack, updated us with his project “New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!” NSMBD! is a hacked version of New Super Mario Bros. DS. NSMBD! recreates all of the levels from the 1985 NES original, Super Mario Bros. and also includes the Lost Levels (Which were featured on the SNES game, Super Mario Allstars) to run on the same engine and use the same graphics as the DS title.

Gridattack is saying that the game has fined tuned all of the problems that have been seen in the early videos (seen below) and added new levels. All of levels 1-6 should be available by December 24th, 2009 and maybe even ALL levels.

Check out the videos so far (most bugs or inconsistency’s with the original have been addressed and new videos will be posted as they arrive), also mute your speakers before watching any of the videos, you’ll thank me.

World 1

World 2 (Part 1)

World 2 (Part 2)

World 3 (Part 1)

World 3 (Part 2)

World 4 (Part 1)

World 4 (Part 2)

World 5 (Part 1)

World 5 (Part 2)

World 6 (Part 1)

World 6 (Part 2)'

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