Wii Security Locker

Trying to keep your Mom, wife, or girlfriend from breaking out “Just Dance” during your online Conduit gaming?

Get a locker!

Trying to keep your Dad, husband, or boyfriend from breaking out “Mad World” during your Wii Fit Plus workout?

Get a locker!

The Wii Security Locker:
– Secures Wii controllers, games and accessories
– Holds 15 games and 8 controllers (30 games without controllers)
– White powder coat finish with steel frame construction
– 30mm brass padlock with 2 keys
– Dimensions: 15 1/2″H x 8 1/2″W x 6 1/2″D
– Use as parental control device to limit play time
– Retails for $29.95

[Wii Locker]


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  • blazed13

    this is tight. im gonna have to get me one

  • Mary Sims

    Ordered 2 from newpcgadgets last month so I could lock up controllers at night and actually get my kids to do homework. Great product.

  • SirVenom

    Want to open the locker? Get wire cutters!