Jimmy Fallon in Dark Void Zero

Remember earlier today when we mentioned Jimmy Fallon’s connection to the supposed history of Dark Void Zero? (If not, click here.) Well, it seems Capcom has taken it one step further.  Check out the image below to find out what we’re talking about.


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  • DarakuTenshi

    Yeah I noticed that the first time I played the game. This is a very good, but short, game. I think the whole thing behind the history is a fake. Even though it’s being posted right on Capcom’s site. It’s a complet hoax. There is no way the Top-10 arcade game would be able to do that. The top screen was not hooked up to any NES hardware. It was dedicated for just game selection. I like the little story they came up with but they would never give a beta copy of a game away for a contest. And even if they had Jimmy still having it would have been next to impossible.

  • Billy Bob

    Actually it is true. Last night on Late Night ( Jan 19), he said when he was 13 yrs old we won a contest to be in a video game but Capcom never with through with it but after yrs later Capcom found it and they released in the DSi