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The History of Dark Void Zero – Part 1

The History of Dark Void Zero – Part 1

by Steve CullumJanuary 18, 2010

There have been numerous rumors and stories surrounding Dark Void Zero, one of the new DSiWare titles to release today. Many questions have been asked about where the game came from. Capcom has heard those questions and is ready to talk. Apparently, it even has something to do with Jimmy Fallon.

You know, ever since we announced the game last April, er…I mean last December, I’ve been bombarded with questions about the secret and mysterious history of this legendary lost project.  “Where did Dark Void Zero come from?”  “Is the trailer really true?”  “Did Bear McCreary really compose the soundtrack?”  “Why is Capcom so freaking cool?”

To get the answers to these and more, check out The History of Dark Void Zero – Part 1.

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