Miyamoto Speaks about New Motion Plus Game, Mario, and Nintendo’s New Hardware

Shigeru Miyamoto received the lifetime achievement award at the 13th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival. When he took the stage to give his speech, he gave a few more details on various topics.

  • Miyamoto said that he’s working on a new game that includes MotionPlus support. It was said that this game is separate from Zelda Wii.
  • Miyamoto once again stated that Nintendo was working on new hardware, but left the comments at that very basic level.
  • Miyamoto discussed the topic of caring for a hamster at one point in his life, which really helped him to come up with the ideas present in Super Mario Galaxy. The free movement of the hamster helped Miyamoto realize the movement of Mario in 3d space.
  • Miyamoto believes that other developers could do an online New Super Mario Bros. Wii better than he could.
  • Miyamoto’s focus on games will be aimed at players that are located next to one another.


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