New Pokemon Revealed: Zorua, Zoroark


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  • Mike

    Wait, what? Isn’t Pokebeach the website that claimed this was an evolution of Mightyena? So much for credibility…

  • Stephen Fischer

    so the z in the movie stood for Zoroark. interesting and its prevolution Zorua. Both are Dark types. Obviously Z is not rare if it has a prevolution. You probably will be able to only catch the prevolution in order to get Zoroark thats my guess or maybe receive Zorua as an egg.

  • Noahrocks

    I knew it was the new “Lucario”!

  • SirVenom

    @Noahrocks – Haha, I never claimed to believe that. I just used that to describe its shape. You just can’t improve on Lucario, unless he evolves into Mewtwo.

  • xheytraymills94x

    ok, so this is freaking awesome!pokemon has kicked it up a knotch! hopefully the will be able to keep up with this one. it seems very well planned. the last two Regions were a bit shaky but things are looking good!

  • twilitmonstr

    I like these pokemon! i was hoping for a mightyena evolution but this definitely doesnt disappoint me! i also like the name “zoroark”.

  • http://WWW.Myspace.Com/iWrestledAWolfOnce Juan Izquierdo

    This is actually a very well-formed Pokèmon®. It’s more, how would I put it…badass? If this is what the basic sample is, imagine the 100+ other new ones.

    I believe Zoroark & it’s pre-evolution will be one of the many that you will be able to obtain in the beginning routes. I also believe that it may possibly be linked to Vulpix & Poochyena.

    All-in-all, it’s looking great & I’m looking foward to Generation 5.

  • DarkWish

    @Mike: No, they aren’t. There was no site that said that. It was just fan speculation, which obviously turned out incorrect.

  • KageGuntou

    This guy looks freakin’ badass! I was begining to stop liking pokemon, but now I think I’ll at least play the fifth gen games. I figure Zoroark is gonna be the new “Lucario” of the fifth gen. After all, he’s the star of the next movie, and he’s the first fifth gen pokemon to be leaked. You’ll probably only get one Zorua and have to evolve it to Zoroark in the next game from there. Just a guess though. Hope the rest of gen five looks as sick as he does!

  • DaeHyung

    @ All of the speculation about geting a single zorua:

    I think you’ll either be given an egg of Zorua to evolve to Zoroark, or Zorua’ll be common, but there’ll be a special way of evolving it to Zoroark, but you’d onle be able to do it once (CoroCoro magazine had written in it “Will we get to see a new type of evolution…?!)

  • Zac

    omg it looks like lucario’s dark type rival!

  • J

    Wow, just when I thought they had run out of things to base a Pokemon off of (some doubled) they pull a werewolf. XP Too many werewolf/vampire thingsss!!!!!!