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What will Nintendo show at their Media Summit? [UPDATE]

What will Nintendo show at their Media Summit? [UPDATE]

by Hassan AhmedFebruary 11, 2010


Later this month, Nintendo will be having multiple Media Summits in multiple countries. On February 24th, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Australia will be holding Media Summits. Then, on February 25th, Nintendo of Europe will be holding one as well. Obviously, something is going down if there are three (and possibly more) Media Summits going on around the same time. But what could it be? Let’s take a look…

Normally, there is a Japanese conference to go along with these. We get all the major announcements at the Japanese conference, and then the ones in the US, Europe, and other countries is just for the media to get the release dates and details specific to those countries. As of right now, there is no Japanese Media Summit confirmed. One could then assume that means we won’t be getting any major news, however the fact that three countries are having Media Summits seems to indicate to me that we have to be getting something. You don’t hold conferences simultaneously worldwide just to show nothing new. So then let’s delve into the details.


The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is this March and then a few months afterwards is E3. They’re having a Media Summit despite GDC being very near and E3 only a few months away, so they have to be revealing something. The big game on everyone’s mind for 2010 is Zelda Wii. We will be getting a trailer for the game at E3 and they are pushing for a playable version of the game there as well. Zelda Wii is big news and I have a feeling they will save that as their big game for E3 this year. What else do we know? Well, the Vitality Sensor as well as its software (very likely called Wii Relax, based on multiple trademarks) are confirmed to be at E3. So again, why would they spoil their big E3 reveal by showing it at the Media Summit? I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing either the Vitality Sensor or Zelda Wii this month.

Then we have Super Mario Galaxy 2. With a 2010 release date, it’s guaranteed to be at E3 in some way, shape, or form. Having said that, there have been interviews with various members of the development team who have said that the game is far in development and could have released earlier if New Super Mario Bros. Wii wasn’t releasing during the holidays. So, there’s always a chance we could get a new trailer, new screenshots, or even a tentative release period for the game at the Media Summit. Is it guaranteed? No, but it’s not impossible.


And then there’s Metroid: Other M, recently confirmed for a summer 2010 release in Japan. If they’re aiming for a worldwide release, then E3 is way too late. If that is indeed the case, one would think that it’s pretty much guaranteed that we will get more information at the Media Summit this month. However, the Metroid creator will have a panel at GDC this year and the description of the panel mentions his work on Metroid: Other M. GDC is only a few weeks after the Media Summit, so there is always a chance that they will wait until then to show off more from the game. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that we will get new information and possibly a new trailer soon.

So what else is left? There have been multiple titles that have not been announced for localization in the US, like Trace Memory R or even the recently released mature Japanese title Zangeki no Reginleiv. Is Nintendo of America or even Nintendo of Europe or Australia going to bring over Zangeki no Reginleiv? I don’t think so, but these Media Summits are the perfect time for localization announcements. And speaking of bringing things over from Japan, there’s still the DSi XL. Europe has a release date of March 5th, 2010… but America and Australia still have nothing. It’s almost 100% guaranteed that we will get release dates for the DSi XL at the Media Summits. We know it’s launching soon, so they have to tell us when for obvious reasons.


So that’s what we can conclude based on what we know already. Now for the fun stuff… speculation. The invites for the event included the phrases “something very special lined up” and “Please join us for a full day of presentations, demos and hands-on gameplay”. New trailers for Metroid: Other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well as a DSi XL release date just doesn’t scream “very special” to me. According to one source, the event will be the revelation of the DSi XL’s release date as well as “other stuff”. There is no conference announced for Japan, so once could wonder if the DSi XL will be the focus of the event… but come on, that’s not “very special” and are they really going to do a “full day of presentations, demos, and hands-on gameplay” for a revision of the DSi (especially one that has been out in Japan for a while)? I’m not expecting a huge megaton, but we have to get something new. We just have to. How big or small it is, I don’t know… but we have to get something… right?

So if we get something new, what could it be? Some people are hoping for the announcement of a new online infrastructure. While I think that could be possible, I think that’s more suited for something like GDC, especially since they have released new details on their online services through GDC before (when they announced DLC under the name of Pay & Play). Others have speculated that the mysterious Kirby Wii title that has been on release lists for a long time now will be finally revealed. Or maybe a new firmware update? We’re due for one of those for Wii and/or DSi (and I mean with new features, not bug fixes or blocking homebrew). And then there’s the crowd that expects Star Fox Wii, Kid Icarus Wii, Pikmin 3, or some other major thing… which I highly doubt, to be honest.


So, to sum things up… we can expect a few new details but nothing major. There’s a chance of new trailers for Metroid: Other M, or less likely, Super Mario Galaxy 2. We’re guaranteed the DSi XL release date since that’s coming soon. There will probably be some localization announcements and then hopefully at least one new game announced. If there is indeed a Japanese Media Summit, then I will change my predictions to include one or two big announcements, since that’s where the big stuff is usually announced. Having said that, GDC is soon after and E3 is not too far away. We’re bound to get new details on the titles coming this year pretty soon. I’m looking forward to the Media Summit, though I’m not riding the hype train just yet. Less than two weeks until my predictions will be put to the test and hopefully Nintendo will make us fans proud.

NGamer’s twitter says that this Media Summit “threatens to be better than their last two E3s glued together.” Keep in mind that NGamer is also the ones that said Sonic was going to be in Super Mario Galaxy 2, so I would take this with extreme skepticism. However, as [Nintex] on NeoGAF points out, Nintendo of American and Nintendo of Europe have never had an event on the same day. Endless Ocean 2 is already out, Sin and Punishment 2 was at E3, etc. Iwata also said that The Last Story and Xenoblade were just a “few” announcements. Normally, Nintendo sort of downplays the events, but this time around they seem to be saying that it’s going to be good.

Maybe they’ll demo Netflix for Wii? Or how about the Connection Ambassador Program in the US? Those sound more likely to me. I’m not going to hype myself up and I suggest the same to all of you. It’s in less than two weeks though, so not much more of a wait.

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