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(WiiWare) Dive: The Medes Islands Secret – Teaser Trailer

(WiiWare) Dive: The Medes Islands Secret – Teaser Trailer

by Bradley DeLorenzoFebruary 25, 2010

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is a platform/adventure game for WiiWare developed by Cosmonaut Games.

Key Features

* Graphics. Full adventage of Wii™ graphics Technology.
* 3 Different difficulty levels.
* 10 Game Levels: In 10 real areas of the world (Medes Islands, Creus cape, Cayman Islands, Tortuga Island, Bermuda and more). Big levels plenty of enemies, mazes and secrets to discover.
* Different objectives per level ensure player can return to previous levels to complete them.
* Shop: Players are able to purchase equipment enhancements using the money they’ve collected during the game. You need equipment upgrades in order to achieve the deepest areas.
* Resources Management: The player needs to manage depth, speargun, fins, oxygen, torch and wet suits.
* Enemies: A lot of different enemies in each level.
* Achievements: A book with all treasures and relics the player found in his quest.
* Expedition Diary: Where John Sanders explains details about missions, history and game secrets.

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