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Mega Man 10 – Downloadable Content Revealed

Mega Man 10 – Downloadable Content Revealed

by Steve CullumMarch 1, 2010
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Steve Cullum
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  • NARFNra
    March 7, 2010 at 10:11 am

    I hear the Megaman Hunters from the Megaman GB games will be the bosses of the Special Stages…

  • wethethree
    April 1, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    dud this page doesnt show it but here are the good sides of bass:
    1) he can shoot in all 8 directions
    2)he can dash (aka slide)
    3)he has a machine gun type buster that allows him to have 5 or 7 shots on screen at once(cant remeber which it is but either one is pretty amazing as it is)
    4)he jumps higher than megaman and protoman
    5)he doesnt have coil or jet adapters, but he can s. adapt and fly

    the bad sides are very few though they are:
    1)he cant use the shop
    2)when using the machine buster, he can only fire in 5 directions at once when he faces one side. for instance, if he is facing right, he can fire straight down, diagonally down-right, right, diagonally up right, and straight up. for the other directions, he has to turn around. it really brings back the good ole days, when the same thing could be done with the metal blades in megaman 2, which by to me sucked ass, or megaman 3 with the shadow blades, which was a damn awesome game

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