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Dubious GameStop Practices Or Monster Hunter Mix-up?

Dubious GameStop Practices Or Monster Hunter Mix-up?

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 16, 2010

Is the gaming retail chain providing customers a free demo disc of Monster Hunter Tri without any strings attached or are they trying to use them to bait $5 out of your pocket?

Today I went on a few errands which brought me to GameStop. I figured while I was in there that I’d check to see if they had any more of the Monster Hunter Tri Wii demo discs still available. When I arrived and asked the employee about the disc, I was told that they were only being given those who pre-order the game. I tried to argue that Capcom had said the discs were free and not supposed to be a “pre-order bonus” and of course got no where. I went to another GameStop location only to be given the exact same story.

NintendoGal set up a map where she is plotting these GameStop stores, check it out and add to it if you can:


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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • March 16, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    Thats a horrible incident, they should just let whoever wants them get them, lol.

  • Mack2D2
    March 16, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Gamestop is horrible horrible horrible… I wish there was some better competitor, someone who could do to them what Redbox is doing to Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. Their employees (from my experiences) are snobby, which would be fine if they knew what they were talking about, but they come across ignorant and rarely have the answer to whatever question I may be asking. I've tried on multiple occasions to land a Monster Hunter Tri demo from nearby Gamestops and they've either told me that my information was wrong and Gamestop was offering no such thing, or they've tried to charge me for it (through making me pre-order the game)…. isn't that counter intuitive to the logic of wanting a demo? I want the demo to decide whether or not I should pre-order the game, why pre-order BEFORE playing the demo. Sorry to rant, but I mother cussin hate Gamestop.

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