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PAX East: DSi XL and Photo Dojo hands-on

PAX East: DSi XL and Photo Dojo hands-on

by Hassan AhmedMarch 28, 2010


PAX East was in Boston this weekend and I traveled from Virginia all the way up to Boston with my roommates to check out what was going on. I met up with hey_suburbia, hattrick, and Roth from WiiNintendo and I had a blast. In a few hours, I’ll upload a podcast we recorded on Saturday (it’s only a few minutes long) that gives you a little tease for our podcast this upcoming Tuesday, where we’ll detail our experiences at PAX East and our first meet-up with the WiiNintendo crew. But in the meantime, I thought it would be worthwhile to type my impressions of the DSi XL and Photo Dojo from the Nintendo booth. I’m actually using my roommate’s Droid phone and am getting internet from it using its 3G service. I just couldn’t wait a few hours and had to post this now, so enjoy!

Nintendo’s booth was underwhelming overall, but there were a few cool things there. One of those was the DSi XL. Yeah, I know, it released today… but I got to play it one day early! There really is nothing majorly new with the DSi XL compared to the DSi. However, the changes are for the better. When I first held it, it was actually rather comfortable to hold. The DSi is my favorite system out of any I have ever had and so I’ve used it a lot. The DSi XL was even more comfortable and easier to grip. The bigger screens looked great, despite being the same resolution as the DSi. The enlarged screen didn’t make things blurry or anything; it was nice and clear. The XL also has a shiny, glossy finish on the outside of the top screen, unlike the matte finish of the DSi. At first I didn’t think it would be as nice as the DSi, but the glossy finish was actually nice and felt good. Overall, the DSi XL was not enough to make me want to upgrade, though that’s mainly because I can’t transfer the many DSiWare games I bought. But if I wanted to upgrade from the DS Phat or DS Lite, then I’d definitely recommend the DSi XL. All in all it is very comfortable to hold and the larger screens are nice.


The other fun thing at the Nintendo booth was Photo Dojo. This DSiWare game was announced for the US at the Media Summit a few weeks ago. It released in Japan months ago and Europe received it last week, however there is currently no US release date. When asked about price and release date, the Nintendo rep said they haven’t announced one yet.  Because it was fully playable on the DSi XL, a US release date has to be imminent. All in all, I thought it was very fun. It’s a simple concept… take pictures of you in various poses and turn yourself into a fighter. You can even add your own voices to your fighter. It was pretty fun to play (and there is a video posted on WiiNintendo as well, if you want to see a bit of my experience with it). However, I have to warn you that it can get kind of annoying depending on what you record. All of my “take that!’s and “you can’t defeat me!”‘s got annoying, but it was funny too. For either $2 or $5, it’ll definitely be worth a download. And hey, if you take pictures of your friends, you can battle them as well. There’s also two-player on a single DSi, but I didn’t try that.

So all in all, some fun times. I thought the DSi XL was better than the DSi in terms of comfort and large screen size, but not worth an upgrade if you own a DSi. Photo Dojo is also definitely worth a download whenever it releases for the fun and craziness it can bring. And if you were wondering, the two pictures above show hattrick and me checking out Photo Dojo on the DSi XL. In the first picture, you see hattrick taking pictures of me to turn me into a fighter. In the second picture, you can see us checking it out with the Nintendo rep sitting a chair nearby and also there aren’t many people there because this was during the media only time on Saturday morning. Pictures were taken by hey_suburbia as well. Listen in on Tuesday at 10:15 pm eastern time for our full details on what we experienced.

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