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NintenWii (or Wiitendo): Wii re-done for NES case

NintenWii (or Wiitendo): Wii re-done for NES case

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 31, 2010

Raymond just sent this in to us:

This is a project I worked on for some time last year, completely de/re-soldering the insides of a Wii to fit perfectly inside an NES case. In undergoing this project, I wanted absolutely no modification (or at least as little as physically possible) to the outside of the original NES case.

Here are the tools you’ll need:
A Wii (duh!)
An original NES
Tri-wing screwdriver
Small Phillips screw driver
Soldering iron
De-soldering braid or de-soldering iron
Hot glue gun
Dremmel tool or drill with a fine tip drill bit (1/16″ and large drill bit (5/16″)
Wire (preferably multiple colors, I used 18AWG, but probably should have gone thinner in retrospect)
SD Reader you don’t mind destroying (or SD port ordered online)
2 momentary switches (preferably ‘micro’ switches)

Step 1 ….

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