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Sniper Elite – Trailer for the Wii version

Sniper Elite – Trailer for the Wii version

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 31, 2010

Sniper Elite is coming to the Nintendo Wii in 2010! Published by Reef Entertainment and developed by Raylight, Sniper Elite is THE most authentic and realistic sniper simulator on the Wii.

Set against the backdrop of Berlin April 1945, World War II is drawing to a close and the Russian and German forces are in a furious battle to take over the city. You, the Sniper Elite, an American sniper disguised as a German paratrooper, have been sent in this chaotic situation by the American OSS (a precursor to today’s CIA) to prevent Germany’s atom bomb and V2 secrets falling into the hands of the Russian leader Stalin. This is the dawn of the Cold War.

Sniper Elite, compatible with the Wii Zapper, takes sniping to a completely new level – bullet ballistics, physics, windage, innovative enemy AI and stealth all play a part in securing the perfect shot!

Sniper Elite on Wii now provides gamers the best sniping experience yet! Snipe from behind the couch, on the couch or even beneath cushions with your trusty Zapper to hand! Learn the patience of a real-life sniper, secure the best sniping position and environment, check your distance and control your breathing before pulling the trigger.

Play through an exact representation of World War II Berlin. Play just as a Single Player, or play with a Sniper Spotter buddy for 2 Player split-screen Co-op.

But remember, once you’re in position, with the enemy in your sights ONE BULLET CAN CHANGE HISTORY!

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