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Oops! Prank Party – Trailer

Oops! Prank Party – Trailer

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 12, 2010

“The smart mix of games in Oops! Prank Party paired with the good-humor of teasing your competition is a first for Wii party games,” said Mike Pepe, director of marketing of Hudson Entertainment. “Hudson Entertainment is thrilled to bring a fresh approach to the mini game compilation, which is the perfect centerpiece to kids’ parties and also ideal for family time after homework or dinner.”

To add to the hilarity, Oops! Prank Party features embarrassing costumes and pranks for the mini game winner to assign to any losing player, with the effects lasting the duration of the game! Featuring unlockable levels and one of the most robust avatar creators in a party game, players can put their personality directly into the game. With over 500 avatar customization elements, players will have all the tools needed to make their double!

Oops! Prank Party features four play modes to get the party started: Master mode invites up to three players to try and best the master computer player. Board mode puts a spin on gameplay by placing players on one of seven boards in a race for points. Free Play mode gives players total reign to build their own competition from unlocked games while Trial mode seeks to find the best competitor in different game mixes.

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