Now Reading Releases Well-Balanced Version of SSBB
1 Releases Well-Balanced Version of SSBB

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 19, 2010

If you were like me at the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad ten seconds before the smelly GameStop employee forked over the disc. But if you were like me AFTER the release of Brawl, you were disappointed in how much better the predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee, turned out to be, competitively speaking. Well, now this shouldn’t be a problem anymore, as a determined duo of members have patch the game’s code to make certain game elements more competitively balanced. The team worked hard to remove “infinites” (i.e. exploited, overpowered combos that cannot be blocked and can rack up more than 50% damage), increase overall character balance by increasing and decreasing damage and knockback on specific attacks, as well as increase stage viability.

Playing this new and improved Brawl doesn’t require the Homebrew Channel, not even a permanently hacked Wii.

Step 1- Delete or move all Brawl custom stages from your Wii

Step 2- Download the zip file, and extract the contents to an SD card

Step 3- Start Brawl, and immediately go to the Stage Builder in Vault

Step 4- The loader should start immediately; press A, and enjoy!

And voila! A wonderfully balanced, ultimately more fun version of a great game. I think I’m going to try this out tonight.


Q. Is this illegal?

A. No. Balanced Brawl is a non-commercial venture that affects copyrighted files but does not distribute any means of circumventing copyright. We encourage the purchase of Nintendo products and neither condone nor support piracy methods or ideas in any way.

Q. Will this damage or alter my Wii? Do I have to mod my Wii?

A. No. Balanced Brawl is completely safe; there is zero risk whatsoever of it causing damage to your Wii or your game disc. Balanced Brawl can be run on a completely unmodified Wii, and it has no permanent effect on the Wii, the game, or your Brawl save file. Once you turn the Wii off or reset it, nothing of Balanced Brawl remains. The next time you boot up Brawl, it will be standard Brawl, and you will have to enter the Stage Builder with the Balanced Brawl SD card in the Wii to play Balanced Brawl again.

Q. Can I remove the SD card once I start Balanced Brawl?

A. No. Balanced Brawl reads from the SD card during gameplay; if the SD card is not present nothing bad will happen, except the Wii will not load the modified files. This will result in characters loading their original, unmodified versions. Putting the SD card back in will let BBrawl version load again.

Thanks, Joystiq!

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