Nintendo’s Room Migration Kit – Move a Wii

Tired of moving your Wii from one room to another?

Out now in Japan, and as an official first-party deal, it’s a box that includes all the cords you need to plug a Wii into a TV set. So, a composite plug (sorry, component users), a power pack and a Wii sensor bar. The idea obviously being you plug them into your spare TV, so when you next need to move your Wii, you only need to unplug the console, not all its cords and attachments as well.

The kit is out today, and sells for ¥4200 (USD$45).


About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

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  • Ashraf_2003

    Very useful kit, I have two TVs in two rooms.

  • jacob strom

    I think that something like this would come in handy for someone like myself. I am constantly moving my wii about the house, and its a hassle to carry everything around with me instead of the wii.
    I would purchase this if it was localized.