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The Last Story – Details & Art

The Last Story – Details & Art

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 20, 2010


– Director: “We wanted to make a new type of RPG battle. We wanted a system that merged real time battles with command selection, something that had an action feel but would also make you think. After much trial and error, we came to the current form.”
– Magic Circle will stay even after your magic hits your opponent
– Director says Magic Circles are important
– Director: “Combat in The Last Story is powered by a system that blends action with command selection.”
– Producer “Before making characters and stages, you have to create the battle structure.”
– Devs were interested in making a brand sort of battle system
– Much trial and error
– Magic Circle system: Affects an area (healing, flame)
– Real time battles, players can pause what’s happening so that they can input commands/change tactics and AI of party members


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