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Nintendo files lawsuit against R4 Cart Retailer

Nintendo files lawsuit against R4 Cart Retailer

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 14, 2010

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against an online retailer persistently selling R4 devices that allow users to play pirated DS software.

The company has claimed that New York-based firm NXPGAME has been selling the devices and ignoring requests to cease business.

According to Nintendo, NXPGAME had previously complied with requests to stop selling the R4, only to then set up an “identical business at a different website address” and redirect consumers to the new one.

It added that it has since issued a series of demands requesting the retailer cease business to no avail and now accuses it of “willfully infringing on the company’s intellectual property rights.”

Nintendo also claimed that one of the company’s websites was violating its copyrights by using registered Nintendo trademarks.

Last year a US District Court ruled that devices such as R4 chips violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and were illegal.

Nintendo has since won a series of victories against their sellers, including against Australian site, which was fined AUD $520,000 (£299k) earlier this year for dealing in the devices.


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