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Top 5 Zelda Games of All Time

Top 5 Zelda Games of All Time

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 16, 2010

Zelda Informer put together their “Top 5 Zelda Games of all time” video:

A project nearly eight months in the making, Zelda Informer is proud to present our staffs Top 5 Zelda Game listing. It’s always a great debate on what games are truly the cream of the crop, but these 5 titles, no matter how many re-votes, discussions, and debates… always rose to the top of the pile.

Thanks Nate, good job!

Personally though, I don’t think ANY list should not include the original. The NES classic “The Legend of Zelda” was my first Zelda game ever played in 1986. It set EVERY standard that we see in the game today and each iteration of the game. From the enemies, to the weapons, to the music, to the style, the 8-Bit masterpiece is the reason we can even have a “top 5” list at all. That game single handedly started and defined the series.

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