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Square Enix’s New WiiWare Game, Kumanage

Square Enix’s New WiiWare Game, Kumanage

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 3, 2010

Square Enix has a new WiiWare game on the way. Actually, make that two. Two versions of a game called “Kumanage” are set for WiiWare release shortly.

Described as a “throwing action game,” Kumanage is set in the world of a mysterious picture book that rests in an old mansion. You make use of the Wiimote to throw things in order to solve puzzles.

Depending on the version of the game that you buy, you enter the world of the picture book alongside either a mysterious boy named Kiina or a mysterious girl named Piina. In Kiina’s volume, “paper bears” and “strange but cute” characters emerge from the picture book. You have to toss these in order to protect your blue gem. In Piina’s volume, you have to throw “paper bears” at gimmicks on the stage in order to collect red candy.

Understand? If so, please explain it to me! Square Enix’s Kumanage official site, just opened today, is in a teaser state and doesn’t really make clear what the game is about. See if you can figure it out from the few screenshots:


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