You Choose The Review#1: Decision

It’s finally June, guess what the means? “You Choose The Review” will kick off this month! The game will be *cue drum roll*

“Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010″

I had to search around three stores before I found it, but good ‘ol walmart was there for you guys :D

Look forward to the preview at some point in the coming week, in the meantime i’ll be studying for finals and trying to get in as much game time as I can.

Thanks to “name” for the winning suggestion.'

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  • Still name

    I am somewhat amazed about this.
    I bet the game can be fun, if you intend to play it as an arcade shooter with a hunting scenario.
    But as a serious hunting game it definitely disappoints.
    Hint: A good hunting game would be The Hunter. Yeah it's for PC, but a play for free experience ;)

    • MaZeR4455

      I thought this was going to be like the arcade hunting games, but it's not at all. Well… the majority of it is.
      A HUGE disappointment even with myself going in with extremely low expectations. Oh well, it was fun yelling at the game. I still have a bit to go if I decide to complete the game.

  • MaZeR4455

    Things happened, problems had arisen, and my computer had died. I've lost everything I had, but I am back up and running. Hopefully have the review out… very soon.