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Mario Marathon 3 begins in 2 weeks

Mario Marathon 3 begins in 2 weeks

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 10, 2010

Mario Marathon is an annual fan run fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play provides toys, games and books to patients of children’s hospitals worldwide.

The multi day internet event, broadcast live online, attracts an audience from around the world to watch as the team plays through twenty five years of Super Mario Brothers video games.

Now in its third year, the event has attracted over 300,000 viewers, and raised nearly $45,000 for Child’s Play.

Mario Marathon 3 Line-Up

There are over 800 levels across the nine Mario games chosen for the Mario Marathon 3. Your donations determine how many of those levels the team will complete.

The order the games will be played is listed below. For details on the exact levels and donation goals check the Level Checklist.

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